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Pleural effusion is accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity. The most common etiological factors are infections (e.g. tuberculosis), systemic disorders (e.g. Congestive Cardiac Failure, Portal hypertension, etc.) and solid tumours.[1] Leukemic infiltration into other organs has been documented,[2] however pleural effusion is rarely observed in association with acute leukaemia.[1,2] If it occurs, other possibilities such as infection, various disseminated solid tumours and treatment associated toxicities have to be ruled out.[1,2,3,4] Most common haematological malignancies associated with pleural effusion are Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.[1,4,5] Leukemic pleural effusion is thought to be associated with poor prognosis especially if it develops in the first six months after the diagnosis of leukaemia.[1,5,6,7]

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Shabana Andleeb Ansari, & Azmat Kamal Ansari. (2023). A Rare Case of Leukemic Infiltration in Pleural Effusion. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences, 12(9), 292–293.


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