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Schatzki's lower esophageal rings appear as thin membranous structures which do not contain any muscularis propria; resulting in a constricting ring at the esophagogastric junction, they are mostly asymptomatic. However, patients present with symptoms of dysphagia to solids and liquids and a sense of impaction of food. Diagnosis can be easily overlooked and can be confirmed by endoscopic inspection of the esophagogastric junction. 3 cases of Schatzki ring diagnosed on oesophagal endoscopy and its management are presented.

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Vithal D. Udagatti, Dinesh Rajendran Kumar, Gautam S., Nagaraj T.M., & Girish F. Hongal. (2023). Schatzki’s Ring in Asian Group of Patients. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences, 12(9), 297–298.


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