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Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) created many challenges for public health agencies and healthcare services. As a virus that created immense fear of the unknown, researchers and scientists scrambled to come up with solutions to prevent the spread and rate of infection. As previously used in combating infectious diseases, contact tracing was introduced to help decrease the rapidly increasing cases. Although contact tracing is a relatively old idea, it is still a critical part of the non-pharmaceutical interventions needed to fight such an infectious virus. However, it had to be tailored to fit this new rapidly increasing virus. This paper examines the disparities, insufficient infrastructure, and lack of proper testing and reporting during the pandemic, all of which are systemic failures of public health. These systemic failures have an impact on the effectiveness of contact tracing. All barriers will be presented with potential solutions for not only this pandemic, but for any future situations as well.


COVID-19, Contact Tracing, COVID-19 Testing and Reporting, Public Health, Healthcare Policy.

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Rabiah Asif, & Azhar Hussain. (2022). Contact Tracing during COVID-19 - A Systemic Public Health Failure. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences, 11(5), 577–584.


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